February 24, 2022

How to Add a Business Partner in Sap

This is a single transaction for creating, modifying, and viewing master data. You can assign different roles to a single business partner, that is, that bp is a customer or a supplier, or both. Payment terms: Payment terms are terms agreed between business partners for the payment of invoices. The conditions define the due date and the discount offered for the payment of the invoice within a certain period. After you fill in the most important business partner attributes and click OK, your business partner is created. With this application, you can also manage other master data in a web-friendly layout, as shown in the following figure. If you did not call a customer view when you created the business partner and did not enter any data into it, or if the business partner does not have a customer role, there is also no customer for the business partner. You can see if a partner already has a customer by selecting Administrative Data Tools when you view the partner`s data. Automatically create customers when you create a business partner You now know how to create a business partner in SAP S/4HANA. The ranges of numbers in trading partner management are determined for different groups of trading partners using the trading partner pool. In addition, the accounts receivable account group is assigned to customer business partners in financial accounting.

To create new business partners with SAP GUI, open the BP transaction and follow the More menu path > Create Business Partners > > organization. On the screen shown in the screenshot below, enter your new business partner information. The business partner roles you assign to a business partner reflect the functions they have and the business transactions they are likely to be involved in. As soon as you fill in a general data field for a business partner in a customer view, a customer with the corresponding company code-independent data is automatically created. When you fill in a field in a company code-dependent view, a customer is created with data that is dependent on the company code. The following SAP CRM training guide for creating business partners – person, organization, group step by step. In our previous training tutorials, we learned an overview of business partner and business partner groupings. In this blog post, we`ll show you how to create a new business partner in SAP S/4HANA in both the SAP GUI and SAP Fiori user interface.

The Manage Business Partner Master Data app then opens a window where you enter the most important attributes and address information of the trading partners, as shown in the following figure. Select the other tab Identification, Control, Payments, Marketing and update the required details. After updating all the information, click the Save button and save the configured trading partner data. SAP S/4HANA Sales is here! Business partners, master material and critical sales processes require careful setup – this guide provides the expertise you need. Learn more about the most important business processes for sales order management, invoicing and invoicing, availability on promise, and much more. From installation and configuration to your reporting options, this book has it all! Similar to BP Person and Organization, you can create group business partners by selecting Group. To create a trading partner in the new transaction, open the BP transaction: each trading partner needs at least one address whose address ID is entered as the default address. You can also set a role-dependent address ID in the role data. SAP Business Partner Screening for SAP S/4 HANA is used to centrally manage master data for business partners, customers, and suppliers. In the current development, it is the central entry point for creating, editing and displaying master data for business partners, customers and suppliers. We can mark the Required/Optional field based on the company requirement.

On the next screen, select Grouping and Trading Partner Role (BP). Note that when processing a business transaction, no more than one withholding tax number can be assigned per type of withholding tax. If the transaction is subject to more than one withholding tax, these must be mapped in the system by defining different types of withholding tax. In the Create Trading Partner: Initial form, select the collection first. If numbers are assigned externally, enter the trading partner number in the Trading partner field, and then assign a role type. The Role Category field is optional. The business partner number is a key that uniquely identifies the business partner. After you create the business partner, you can no longer change the business partner number. As noted above, you can use the Create option (legend 1) to create new business partners in SAP Fiori. You need to decide if the new partner is a person or an organization. In this example, we select Organization (legend 2).

In Customizing for Trading Partner, you determine the number ranges for trading partners by choosing Create number ranges and Define trading partner groupings. You can configure number assignment internally or externally. In view mode, you can check all trading partner roles. Now, go back to the main straight line and click on the “Organization” option to maintain the organization`s business partner. Business partners can be created as a person, organization or group in which we have a certain business interest. In Customizing for Trading Partner, you assign role categories to views by choosing Set Role Display Assignment. . . .