February 25, 2022

How to Get Flat Agreement Copy Online

This is the process of obtaining an online deed of sale. My aunt has expired in the last 4 months. She is not married and has no children. Previously, she worked as a teacher and retired in 2002 and invested the full amount of her pension in the purchase of two apartments. Hello. KI is an NRI living in the United States. In 2006, I bought an apartment in Kerala. I have paid the full amount and therefore have no outstanding loans. This apartment is in a company and every month I pay property tax and maintenance fees. Unfortunately, I can`t find the original deed of sale. I don`t have parents in Kerala who do the work. I lost the duplicate of the deed of sale.

Can I apply to the sub-registration office for the same Hello deed of sale. I want to sell my property, but I can`t find my homeownership meeting. inappropriate. how do I get the copy. urgent.et from where? The defc registration will provide me with the copy?please need help Dear Swati, 1 – Yes, can be requested. First of all, you can check the details of the certificate of charge, this will show whether the property is actually registered in their name or not. If the property is in his name, you can request a copy of the original deed of sale. 2 – Some sub-registrar offices give the copy without FIR and all, but if they insist on it, you may have to publish an ad. If possible, try to check if the promoter can now give him the original certificate. 3 – I think it`s one and the same thing. Suggest that they speak to your banker in person again. In case of loss of the deed of sale, you may need to request a certified copy as indicated in the article above.

You can also ask your banker/lender for help in this regard. Dear Srikanth Reddy Nice to know that you give advice and suggestions, especially when it comes to the loss of sales documents. I am a retired person and last year, in July 2015, I lost my deeds of sale and therefore submitted an FIR. An FIR information report with the complaint number has been prepared. I also received a certified copy of my deed of sale from SRO. I want to sell the website now. Do I have to place an ad in local newspapers regarding the loss of deeds of sale and, if so, there is an advertising format? A deed of sale is one of the most valuable legal documents when buying or selling a property. You may have really lost or misplaced the real estate documents. But don`t take this lightly, please submit the FIR immediately. Request a certified copy of the deed of sale as soon as possible.

Be prepared to spend your time and a good amount of money to get there! I have ancestral property and the papers are with another heir trying to sell them. I know the address and the IPR. How do I get a copy of the deed of sale, EC, so that I can stop the sale? I just learned from an acquaintance that the sale is imminent and that a land trader with political influence is involved. Dear Lal, if this is a real case, then there should be no problems in the future. Some banks may be reluctant to grant a loan on the basis of a certified copy of the deed of sale. Dear Sam, Yes, you can hire any trusted (local) civil lawyer and get the certified copy of the deed of sale. Let`s discuss in this article – How do I get a certified copy of lost property documents like the deed of sale? What is the procedure for obtaining a duplicate deed of sale? Can a property be registered if the seller does not have an original deed of sale? Can someone request a copy of the deed of sale of a property? Hi sreekanth, the blog has good information for users that is usually not available in the public domain. I have my Khata documents and I would like to request a new copy as I can make a certificate of release. Please suggest what to do. Thank you in advance. I lost my deed of sale.

It is in my father`s name. And I don`t have any information about the land area like survey number, address, etc. All I know is that it is located in sevva pettai. So how do I get a copy of the deed of sale? Dear Sir me and my cousin are considering buying a property. The bank requests the disbursement of the loan a person will receive the original document. & you will get the true copy.. .