Fire Prevention:

  • install C.S.A./U.L.C. listed Smoke Alarms on every floor and ensure that the batteries are fully Functional. (A good rule of thumb is: change the batteries when you change the clocks each spring and fall)
  • have a Fire Extinguisher easily accessible in the dwelling/building
  • make sure all Wood Burning Appliances are C.S.A./U.L.C. listed
  • clean your chimney regularly
  • keep All-flammable materials safely Out of reach of children (including matches, gasoline, etc.)
  • a certified Wood Energy Technical Training (W.E.T.T.) A technician would be pleased to assist you by:
  • ensuring that the installation of all Wood Burning Appliances will meet code standards
  • checking for signs of problems with the flue pipes and chimney (i.e. Correct piping is used, rust or corrosion, creosote, etc.)
  • Your broker would be pleased to advise you of the nearest W.E.T.T. Certified Installer/Servicer

Water Prevention:

  • install a battery back-up sump pump
  • install an alarm on the sump pump to warn of failure
  • when leaving dwelling/building for periods in excess of four consecutive days, shut the water off or arrange for a competent person to check the dwelling daily (this is stipulated in the wording)

Lightning/Electrical Prevention:

  • install C.S.A./U.L.C. listed surge protectors on major appliances such as satellite dishes and home computers etc.
  • make sure fuses are not more than 15 amperes (over fusing removes the safety link in your wiring system).
  • use only fuses marked “D” or “P” for electric furnaces, dryers, ranges, air conditioners, water & baseboard heaters as they are heat sensitive.
  • do not use extension cords for permanent outlets, cords that are nailed to baseboards, doors or windows, cords which have splices in them, or cords that are bare or badly worn.
  • if you are still experiencing problems, check with your local hydro authority to see if your hydro service is the last on your circuit line.

Lightning which strikes the lines ahead of your service can follow the hydro lines to the final service line and into your dwelling/building. This can be rectified by having the hydro authority install another pole or two beyond your service. This dead-ends lightning strikes and surges.


When anyone files an insurance claim that is completely false or makes a claim for more than the value of the goods lost, stolen or destroyed, this constitutes fraud.

Fraud is a growing problem in the insurance industry that affects everyone. It is alarming that between 8% and 30% of all premiums paid go towards paying fraudulent claims. This results in increased costs to you.

If you suspect fraud of any kind please notify your local Crime Stoppers.


Theft and Burglary losses present serious problems for all Companies industry-wide and Farmers’ Mutual (Lindsay) is no exception. Statistics show that, over a three year period, theft losses consistently placed second to fire losses in terms of premium dollars paid out due to claims. These statistics are unacceptable.

Look for ways to secure your home such as:

  • installing a C.S.A./U.L.C. listed Alarm system.
  • installing deadbolt locks.
  • consider putting bars on windows.
  • improving exterior & interior lighting.
  • putting your lights on timer switches.
  • storing items of value in a safety deposit box.
  • when storing items in your vehicle, be sure that your vehicle is locked and that any valuables are stored out of direct view (i.e. a locked trunk)
  • forming or participating in a “Neighbourhood Watch” program.
  • keeping the driveway clear of papers and snow in winter and keeping your lawn maintained in the summer.
  • when possible, have a car in the driveway at all times; this will create a “lived-in” look.